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New Year. New Resolutions.

On what is the last working day of 2011 (queue disbelief that yet another year has flown by), the DABO & CO PR team looks ahead to 2012 and resurrects some of last year's resolutions as well as making some new ones.

"To learn Arabic so that I am not completely clueless about the contents of Arabic newspapers and magazines," Ashfana Hameed, Account Manager

"I'm going to strive to think outside the box more often and not be constrained by perceived limitations (i.e. budget or time)," Lisa Flanagan, Senior Account Manager

"To have more belief in myself - I feel I've been lacking in confidence these past three years," Jamal Al Mawed, Regional Associate Account Director (Note - for those of you reading this who do not know Jamal, he has a great sense of humour!)

"My New Year's Resolution is to not be afraid of digital, but to embrace social media - I have managed to set up a Twitter account, so the next step is to use it!!" Camilla d'Abo, Managing Partner

"This year my resolution is to successfully handle more clients," Zeina Chehayeb, Associate Account Manager

"To learn something new in 2012," Helmi Sghaier, Arabic Media Relations Specialist

"To abandon my desk more often and "up" my face time with media and clients," Linsey Worgan, Account Director

"To leave the office by 5.30pm three times a week - we will see!" J Rijosh Joseph, Account Manager

"My resolution is to become an expert at something I don't know how to do (i.e. digital PR that goes beyond updating my status on facebook!), go to more networking events, read smarter books, eat healthier lunches, do some form of exercise every day after work and not spend so many weekends in the office!" Joanna Agnew, Associate Account Director (Jo is our resident over-achiever!)

"I want to have PERFECT media lists with zero bounce back emails," Zeina Mahfouz, Junior Account Executive

"To make time to read the newspapers each morning rather than scanning news portals at the end of the day and skim reading the headlines," Rawan El Saleh, Junior Account Manager


Watch this space to see if we actually manage to keep them.


New Year

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